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Working Women's Initiative

Our Working Women’s Initiative is built for women by women. We are a group of female advisors at East Coast Advisory who help women explore and achieve their true financial goals. We lead Financially Fierce and Fabulous seminars that are part of our firm’s effort to reach out to more women. Female advisors understand and can relate to women’s issues because we have faced many of them personally. We understand how it feels to balance work life, financial goals, and family.

Our advisors can help you leverage what you currently know and help you create strategies to take the next steps towards your financial goals. We will help you to fit it all into a long-term financial strategy designed for the person who matters most—you.

How you plan your finances and with whom are important considerations. You want to find someone you can relate to, who listens to you, speaks your language, and answers your questions. That person might just be a woman.

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