Working Women's Initiative Financially Fierce and Fabulous

Our Working Women’s Initiative is built for women by women. We are a group of female advisors at East Coast Advisory who help women explore and achieve their true financial goals. We lead Financially Fierce and Fabulous seminars that are part of our firm’s effort to reach out to more women.  Female advisors understand and can relate to women’s issues because we have faced many of them personally.  We understand how it feels to balance work life, financial goals, and family. 

Our advisors can help you leverage what you currently know and help you create strategies to take the next steps towards your financial goals.  We will help you to fit it all into a long-term financial strategy designed for the person who matters most—you.

How you plan your finances and with whom are important considerations.  You want to find someone you can relate to, who listens to you, speaks your language, and answers your questions. That person might just be a woman.

Our Team


Christine Scott


Christine joined East Coast Advisory in 2017 and brings with her over 20 years of accounting, financial, sales, and teaching experience.  These disciplines, as well as her experience with Merrill Lynch, serve her well as a financial advisor.  The combined skill sets give her a unique approach to clients’ budgeting, planning, implementation, and service.  She is part of a group of skilled professionals specializing in working with union members and their families to help meet their financial goals.  Christine is a firm believer that wealth is about how you live your life and the personally meaningful goals you want to achieve.

Christine has worked in corporate America for General Motors, Johnson and Johnson, and Verizon.  She earned her CPA while in Internal Audit at Johnson and Johnson, where she had the opportunity to experience cultures outside of this country and gained a greater appreciation for this country and all that we have.  As a teacher, she has worked both as a professor at Cheyney University and as a yoga/group exercise instructor.




Melissa Gerhardt, CFP®


Melissa is an advisor with East Coast Advisory providing comprehensive financial planning to individuals and families. Along with her team of advisors and the ECA staff, she is committed to providing her clients with exceptional service and assistance in securing their financial future. To do this, she advises clients throughout every stage of their financial lives and helps them develop strategies to achieve their goals. Melissa provides guidance in the areas of financial planning, retirement planning, insurance solutions, investment management, estate planning, and education funding for children.

Melissa is especially gifted in assisting women through all stages of life. She believes that regular reviews of one’s financial situation are essential in our ever-changing world.